year of the sheep

The U.S. media has a China fever, which results in typically feverish reports that don't take the pulse of the country or its leader. In the process, so much is missed.
The occasion of this article -- the beginning of the Year of the Ram. The placement of the ram in the Chinese zodiac reflects not only the cooperative disposition of domestic sheep, but also the agility, balance and sagacity of wild ones.
Rev. Norman Fong joins HuffPost Live to explain why San Francisco is the place to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
The Chinese New Year means the Chinese are saying goodbye to the Year of the Horse and hello to the Year of the Sheep. We discuss what this symbolizes for their culture and how the holiday promotes well-being and opportunities to thrive.
Becoming a modern nation does not mean acquiring Western trappings wholesale. It does not mean discarding Chinese values. Today's China has roots that stretch back thousands of years and unite the Chinese as a people.