year of yes

As terrifying and thrilling as it was, I simply said yes to my heart. I didn't let my fear take control of my desires and the result was pure bliss. It was like surfing a wave for pretty much the whole year. I want that again. So I'm saying yes to badassery this year. Standing on the mountaintop, sun on my face.
There's power in putting your needs first.
A well-timed yes can expand our world in beautiful and unexpected ways. But I am writing now to espouse the power of another simple word: no.
Finally, finally there is a book for women, by a woman, that is real. It's honest in a way that both makes sense and makes
No is powerful. It's a big weapon to have in your arsenal. But it is a very tough weapon to deploy.
What the Year of Yes really entails is giving ourselves permission to understand ourselves and our desires.