The Fox News host affiliated himself with some eyebrow-raising groups.
The yearbook features 37 victims of school gun violence from last year, with each victim's name alongside an empty "yearbook photo" of them.
Some members of the fraternity donned blackface, wigs and Confederate flags.
The Eastern Virginia Medical School president said he regretted "emotional wounds" caused by the school's indifference to racism.
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is ignoring calls for his resignation after he admitted to wearing blackface.
Brett Kavanaugh should know that yearbook boasts about supposed sexual conquests lead to real-world abuse.
A "Late Show" parody suggests some of the Supreme Court nominee's old pals were looking ahead.
A parent wants the yearbooks to be reissued with the unaltered pictures.
When Muslims call out bigotry unleashed on them, bigots don't like that. I guess us Muslims need to not only take in any bigotry you hurl at us, we must absorb it. And we need to shut up about it too.