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Dozens of girls discovered that their photos had been altered to add more clothing.
A teenaged boy holds up the dead giraffe by its ears in the picture that went viral on Thursday, though it's unclear how
"I just thought it would be kind of funny if I put it as my senior quote," Alami explained to The Huffington Post in an email
The New York teen whose high school 80’s-style yearbook photo with his cat became an Internet sensation died Saturday at the age of 17.
"He made friends wherever he went," Rodriguez's father, Jonathan Stewart, told the Times Union, remembering his son. "He
Maybe not everyone had a Mr. Jaeger to open their minds to wonders they never knew existed, and to find gifts in their head, stamina in their gut and hopes in their heart they didn't know they had. But if you were lucky enough to have at least one teacher like that, I hope you were able to tell him or her how grateful you are before it turned out to be too late.
Students at a high school in Nebraska will now be allowed to pose with guns in their senior portraits. In 2004, a student
"It's mostly for fun," Rodriguez explained to Albany's WRGB. "I really want to be remembered for who I was, a very vibrant
Will you sign ours? Ever wonder what a "Game of Thrones" yearbook might look like? Well, thanks to the Huffington Post's
Anyway, enjoy the best curse words, insults, pop culture references and thinly veiled sexual innuendos 2014 had to offer