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Without a concerted effort to include more women in media portrayals of climate change, we fail to apply the lesson that inclusivity is an essential ingredient to winning the fight on climate action.
Director Martha Jeffries recently wrapped on two stories for the second season of Years of Living Dangerously, an Emmy Award-winning show about climate change.
(Cross-posted at Citizens Climate Lobby) The authors add that when DiCaprio spoke, the total number of Tweets that contained
NEW YORK (AP) — David Letterman will return to TV next year to help draw attention to the effects of climate change when
Howarth's latest paper is titled, "A bridge to nowhere: methane emissions and the greenhouse gas footprint of natural gas
Those who understand the urgent need to address climate change are the optimists who see climate solutions as beneficial for our health and economic prosperity, while those who deny the problem or think there's nothing we can do about it are the pessimists. Nobody likes a pessimist.
"Barbara has been a pioneer all along," Lesley Stahl says. "Even in hanging in there to the age of 84, she's still leading the way."
Through their various organizations, the Koch brothers have made hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign expenditures
Today, a national committee of experts in agriculture, climate science, commerce, and disaster relief released the National Climate Assessment. The report is the nation's foremost comprehensive, peer-reviewed analysis of the impacts of climate disruption, showing us the effects of climate disruption across the country.
Google Kim Cobb or Paul Mayewski and you'll discover lots about their credentials, their publications, extended honors for their work. Chances are, though, that you'll find very little about who they are as people. That's typical for scientists, but for climate-change science that's a huge problem. See, people don't believe data. They believe people.
California's cap-and-trade program already welcomes carbon offsets generated from livestock, forestry and urban forestry
Tomorrow night, I'm joined by actor and environmental activist Ian Somerhalder. For his turn in the hit drama The Vampire Diaries, as well as his portrayal of one of the Lost survivors, he has amassed legions of fans.
Do we belong on the endangered species list, along with the Asian elephant, blue whale, common chimpanzee, giant panda, Japanese crane, snow leopard, wild water buffalo, Bactrian camel, California condor, mountain gorilla, red wolf, southern bluefin tuna, and many others?
You also wrote a book about Americans and climate change that looked at how to "close the gap" between science and action
I spoke with Joel Bach, the series' co-creator and executive producer to get the details of the upcoming TV series that will finally put climate change and worn-out Mother Earth (apparently, she's not big on forgiveness... ) on the national agenda.
Years Of Living Dangerously is a nine-part series produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Weintraub, along with former 60 Minutes producers, who have 18 Emmys among them.
Evangelicals, who currently represent about a quarter of the U.S. population and wield significant political clout, aren't
It used to feel naive to talk openly about your actions to mitigate climate change. "It's all meaningless" would be the response. Watch now as the questions change from "What can be done?" to "What is being done... and what are you doing?"
YEARS of LIVING DANGEROUSLY Trailer from YEARS of LIVING DANGEROUSLY on Vimeo. Reporting from across the globe, correspondents
The release states the project “will combine the epic and passionate styles of Hollywood’s top filmmakers with Bach and Gelber’s