yeast infection

Experts share what might behind those recurring yeast infections and what to do about it.
Quite a few other meddlesome vaginal issues can cause similar symptoms as yeast infections but necessitate wildly different treatments. Here, ob/gyns walk you through the most common ones.
The crazy and frustrating thing is many of the doctors I saw did uncover symptoms of endometriosis with their exams and tests, they just didn't see their findings through to the end: to the cause of the symptoms and an accurate diagnosis.
They say that three out of four women will develop yeast infections throughout their lives.  
Still, oral fluconazole isn't commonly prescribed during pregnancy.
Whether you've been visited by a yeast problem once, a bunch of times, or not yet, you may be surprised by the truth about these frustrating infections. Here are the facts every woman should know.
Little girls don't stay little forever. And as your daughter develops into a young woman, you'll need to have the "talk" with her about her changing body. Here are six topics you should cover to ensure she has the information she needs about her developing body.
4. Support the detox process: Enhanced liver function is imperative at this time. The liver is the body's oil filter and
There are several reasons dogs create excessive amounts of gas, including poor diet and intestinal parasites. If your dog's
When it comes down to it, there are plenty of old wives' tales floating around -- especially on the Internet.
The humid environment that often accompanies the season can leave women with an increased risk of developing a vaginal yeast infection. Let's face it. No lady wants her fun summer plans interrupted by something that's so... not fun.
Using a feminine product to grow your hair sounds crazy -- but does it really work? The short answer: possibly.