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There are ideas for his next record, but he mostly demurs when asked about it. “I’m still seeing what I feel like,” says
By putting himself in the crosshairs on nearly every issue, Kanye West did something few major artists did in 2013: He asked you to do the same.
During a weekend radio interview with Saturday Night Online, Kanye West conflated the stage stunts he performs nightly as
Watch West's full "Breakfast Club" interview here: "Man, let me tell you something about George Bush and oil money and Obama
"Don't even listen to me. Because the truth is inside of you and it always has been."
It was safe to say that GKMC could not be boxed in as just some good ride around town music. It was another text in the new civics library.
Kanye West's Yeezus tour started two hours late on Saturday, but it ended triumphantly. Not so for Sunday's scheduled stop
Kanye West hit Seattle on Saturday night to kick off his Yeezus tour, completing the first stop on his North American tour
When Kanye West announced the dates for his upcoming Yeezus tour, his two shows in New York City were hyped to include an
Let's have a toast: Kanye West is headed back out on tour. West's Yeezus Tour, named after his latest album "Yeezus," will kick-off in Seattle on Oct. 19 and close out in Houston on Dec. 7.