yellowstone national park

In an earlier terrifying attack, a man intervened after a massive animal knocked down his child.
Beloved national park is facing its biggest challenge in decades after massive flooding.
Heavy rainfall and snowmelt caused devastating flooding through Yellowstone National Park, leaving extensive damage to roads and communities.
Communities bordering Yellowstone National Park are isolated and tourists are stranded after record floodwaters.
Flooding has wiped out roads and bridges and closed off all entrances to Yellowstone National Park at the onset of the busy summer tourist season.
"The name change is long overdue," said Piikani Nation Chief Stan Grier in a statement.
Using the law to protect America’s national mammal could have major consequences.
As if anyone needed a reminder, bison "are unpredictable and can run three times faster than humans," a park spokesperson said.
Laiha Slayton was flown to an Idaho hospital after her attempt to save her dog, Rusty, from a thermal spring at Yellowstone National Park.
The Illinois woman, seen photographing the bear family in a viral video, was also banned from Yellowstone National Park for a year.