Yellowstone River

The Yellowstone-adjacent city in Montana offers much more than gorgeous mountain views.
Doug Peacock, of Montana, is a plaintiff in a lawsuit to restore federal protections for Yellowstone grizzly bears.
We aren’t anti-mining, but there are more appropriate places to mine.
We invented the national park, but now our public lands are increasingly under threat.
For these leaders, saving grizzlies is a matter of religious freedom.
Results of subsequent testing released on Thursday showed that benzene levels had fallen to acceptable levels, and state
About 125 people are involved in the cleanup operation, including contractors hired by Bridger and state and federal environmental
The spill is the second in the river in recent years. In 2011, Exxon Mobil Corp's 40,000-bpd Silvertip pipeline in Montana
When I am in Montana, mostly I simply embrace being in wide-open nature - just being, more than doing. With Montana's refreshing expanse of space and only the sound of the leaves and long, golden grasses moving with the breeze, my body responds strongly. I feel rejuvenated.
The film Where the Yellowstone Goes was always going to be a portrait of Yellowstone, and a beautiful portrait it is. But the film grew to be about much more than the river.
Yellowstone National Park is under close watch as the park's river and lake rise toward record-breaking levels. According
ExxonMobile has since shut down the pipeline. Watch the The Huffington Post report above. Emergency clean-up crews are working
EPA officials said they and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service personnel conducted an aerial assessment of the Yellowstone from
Duane Winslow, Yellowstone County director of disaster and emergency services, said the plume was dissipating as it moved