I wanted the Yemen that you live in, to be different from the one I lived in. I wanted your education to be a different education and your life to be a different life. I wanted a position in life for you as a woman, better than it is at the moment.
Military operations resulted in an economic recession and deepened local infighting. Saudi Arabia has also lost soldiers in battle and faces increased retaliatory attacks. To avoid further bloodshed, it would be wise for Saudi Arabia to consider using diplomacy rather than facing the Houthis head-on.
The Economist recently highlighted the contrast between post-revolt Asian societies and Middle Eastern and North African societies in the woes of a pro-longed, messy and bloody transition that is pockmarked by revolt and counter-revolt, sectarianism, the redrawing of post-colonial borders, and the rise of retrograde groups as revolutionary forces.
Benomar, a veteran Moroccan diplomat, had irked Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations with his handling of so-far unsuccessful
Saudi Arabia launched air attacks in Yemen last month as Houthi rebels, who had taken control of the capital Sanaa in September
BEIRUT -- With the Iranian involvement against ISIS in the assault on Tikrit, and the Saudi invasion of Yemen to stem the tide of Iranian influence, we have entered a new Middle Eastern war.
Fighting has spread across Yemen since last September, when the Houthis seized Sanaa and began to fan out across the country
In his speech, Houthi criticized the U.N. Security Council, saying it was led by countries plotting "evil" against others
Activists said they were enraged by the death on Saturday of Saleh al-Bashiri, who they say was detained by gunmen as they
Yemen, which borders top oil exporter Saudi Arabia, is home to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, one of the global network's
The United Arab Emirates has embarked on an all-out effort to broaden its regional influence and achieve global acceptance of its autocratic definition of terrorism that encompasses all non-violent, legitimate expressions of political Islam.
The conditions include a "fair" and inclusive partnership with Ansarallah, the political wing of the Houthi movement, and
In response to the current political upheaval in Yemen, Murad Sobay decided to spread a peaceful call to action -- through
National dialogue will mean little if Yemen's transition government fails to serve justice for the hundreds of protesters and bystanders killed and thousands wounded during the country's uprising. The Friday of Dignity killings, still unpunished, illustrate why.
Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi offered a salient endorsement of the Obama administration's use of drone strikes in his country, stating, "They have zero margin of error, if you know exactly what you're aiming at."
I was home when I heard what sounded like gunshots; in a couple of minutes I got the first news about the US Embassy in Yemen
The Muslim Brotherhood called for a peaceful nationwide protest on Friday. Mursi was the Brotherhood's presidential candidate
International attention should not only be focused on al Qaeda and its affiliates -- the need to hold human rights violators to account and a deepening humanitarian crisis should also be high on their agenda.
From the launch of Apple's new iPad to violent protests in the Middle East, thousands of stories have unfolded around the
After the explosion, which caused no casualties, unidentified gunmen opened fire on an army patrol in the vicinity, killing