A FiveThirtyEight study is making the rounds. Why do people hate organized dance?!
In 1891 Gulick challenged his young instructors, including Naismith, to invent a game that could be played indoors in the
Metro Nashville Arts Commission and NowPlayingNashville.com host Artober Nashville, one of the South's single-largest cultural
We are now in an age of have more options than ever before when it comes to accommodations. Budget hotels, hostels, Airbnb
The second time I visited New York City was 1984. It was my first vacation in two years. I'd gotten married to Glenn April 24th, 1982, and we'd driven to Chicago for our honeymoon.
In an increasingly data-driven world, nonprofits are feeling the pressure to quantitatively demonstrate their effectiveness, reach and impact. In tandem, donors are, more than ever, meticulously benchmarking and comparing nonprofits to see which align with their personal values and contribute in a way they feel is most impactful.
It's been said all that young people need the same nine things: Purpose, Meaning, Adventure, Community, Power, Respect, Structure, Challenge, and Opportunity.