Fidget Spinners are about as original as the insane crazes of Yo-Yo’s, Pogs, or Pokemon cards. The plastic spinning device
So many of us try to stick to diets, only to find ourselves bingeing, then restricting more, then bingeing again, then restricting more, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. Our weight is all over the place, our sanity is all over the place, and we feel totally out of control with food.
This dude will string you along, and you'll love it
In the stunning video above, a giant 72-inch wide, 370-plus pound yo-yo is brought into a California desert, hoisted 100
You may think you've seen some pretty impressive yo-yoing in the course of your life. And while you're welcome to think that
2013-01-18-TEDplayvideo.jpgIt's one thing to master oneself by overcoming fear, doubt, and insecurity. All mythical heroes must pass this threshold test. But BLACK takes it to the next level.
2013-07-11-BLACKpull.jpgI had reached the highest title in the yo-yo world -- but yo-yo is not in the Olympics, and it is not a major sport. Even the title of world champion had no value in society. I was crushed. I lived many spiritless days for many years.
“I’m really excited to hang out with all the people and compete and do tricks,” he told The Coloradoan. Click here to read
A Japanese yo-yo performer, who goes by the stage name Black, is able to do what may bethe most awesome yo-yo trick ever
If you were lucid in the late '80s and early '90s, you know that most of our information was given to us by way of rap. It's