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If you've yet to hit the mat, here are six life-changing reasons why you should.
New movements, new cues, new sensations. Not your yoga teacher's classical alignment cues, right? "The Bowspring takes a
Since my time at the Isha Institute, I incorporated a lot of what I experienced into my daily eating ritual and my digestive challenges have tremendously improved. Here are some tips that might help you.
The practice provides what's needed for lasting change.
Don't let lack of flexibility keep you from your yoga mat. Practice this short sequence to gain awareness and softening in the muscles and joints.
I also worried about Jacob's self esteem. Many adolescent patients are subjected to grueling exercises and burdensome bracing
What if your yoga practice could help heal distress and resolve interpersonal conflict? It can. Cooperation between opposing forces is the key to reaching peace.
Let's just say we bet more types of yoga will pop up before you can say "savasana." And while the workout quality might be questionable for some, they all offer up a major fun factor that might be worth a shot, if only for the crazy Instagram pics.
While there is no detailed study confirming that the limber yogis of Dehra Dun (India) are happier and possess more spiritual
I for one refuse to give up a practice that has literally transformed my life from the inside out. So instead I'm giving you five simple ways to approach your yoga practice that will help keep you safe and injury-free.