yoga in schools

During my five year tenure as a Special Educator in the New York City public school system, it was very difficult to separate
What are two distinct ways that your teaching style differs from the way you might teach in a studio, and what are the reasons
Henry: Yoga was part of a personal healing process; along the way I became fascinated by yoga as a vehicle for social change
Writing, yoga and meditation can only help build a more mindful classroom when it becomes habitual. After 10,000 hours of practice (a la Malcolm Gladwell), we can only imagine their creative potential in leadership.
Here are the extraordinary people and projects that we are honored to support this week. Hospital Kindness in New York: Nicole
Through learning breathing practices, yoga postures, deep relaxation, and meditation, this younger generation is experiencing the connection between mind and body at an early age.
Implementing yoga in some schools has not come without controversy. While some parents have complained that yoga classes
As a mother and as a lawyer, I have to admit, I had serious concerns about yoga in schools. From my own experiences, I could easily place myself in the plaintiff parents' shoes.
Some prefer to think of yoga as simply an exercise composed of challenging physical poses, but it is far more than that if one considers its origins.
However, EUSD superintendant Tim Baird disagreed. The trial, which began on Monday, was set to last two days. However, it