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It has been exceedingly hot and humid in my part of the world lately, and my students have been feeling the proverbial burn
By: Sonia Jones To follow along in a video or download a PDF of these exercises so you can take these sequences on the go
So I bought the video and started practicing every single day; that was 7,120 days (more than 19 years) ago, and I feel younger
Learn the basic principles of arm balancing through this simple sequence that leads up to crow pose.
When we don't take time to maintain our vehicle (the body) and its engine (the mind), they fall into disrepair. For example, when your tires are not maintained at their recommended pressure, they wear prematurely and have to be replaced before their recommended tread life
Classically, hatha yoga, regardless of tradition, uses postures; techniques for controlling prana, or energy; and other practices
The philosophy of yoga teaches us that change is inevitable and asks us to practice cultivating acceptance of the present
Yoga for Men, Part II: Closed Twists by guest blogger Holly Walck Kostura, certified Iyengar Yoga teacher As a preparation