I watched as her belly rose, her waist stretched for the corners of the room, and her chest lifted toward the ceiling. Just when I thought the exhale was approaching, she invited in more and more air, and then, as slowly as she took it in, she let it go.
Hala Khouri explains how combining yoga's ancient wisdom with a modern psychobiological understanding of trauma can help
The following research suggests yoga is a promising complementary therapy for substance abuse and addictions. Researchers
To learn more about yoga breathing, meditation and chair yoga, download a free sample from Elaine Gavalas' book, THE YOGA
It looks like in order to get rid of one of them, you have to get rid of the other. They came paired up: anxiety or chronic stress and chronic physical back pain.
The application of yogic techniques to affect specific changes in vital functioning of the body's organs and systems allows
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In physical yoga practice, we focus on alignment in our postures and connection to our breath, in order to cultivate tranquility of body, mind and spirit. As a Yoga Therapist on the island of O'ahu, I focus on the alignment between yoga and the spirit of aloha that is so important here.
The founder of Samata Yoga, Larry Payne, has partnered with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Ph.D. of the Himalayan Institute to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Samata International with a gift that keeps on giving.
While millions of people around the world today use yoga as a form of physical exercise and countless others use it for spiritual liberation, the number of people using yoga as a therapy is perhaps its greatest area of growth.
While many people may lack the words to describe their experience with cancer, a gentle yoga practice can help patients to breathe and be in touch with all the sensations in their body.
What lies ahead for Exhale to Inhale? "The project's mandate was 'to go affect change in the world,'" says LePage, who now
What is the relationship between spirituality and healing? From the point of view of Yoga, spirituality is defined as the
This year as we pay tribute to the many men and women who serve through teaching, we are inspired by those who are also healing through yoga and other therapies.
Does yoga offer a viable complement to painkillers or even surgery in the treatment of back pain? And if so, what might the treatment of back pain look like in the future?
Though research on the efficacy of yoga therapy is ongoing, traditional doctors are taking notice -- and finding it, in some
The gift of yoga, explain renowned yoga teachers Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee in this interview, is that whatever perceived limits we may hold of ourselves, there's an infinite amount of space to explore within.
Karmanos recently began letting her four-year-old son try yoga with her, although she cautions that what works for her family
September ushers in autumn, back-to-school, and National Yoga Month. In honor of National Yoga Month, here are three ways yoga may help relieve ADHD in kids.
We need to allow ourselves to focus on our breath. The breath is the most immediate and the most intimate way of engaging with the world. You inhale the world. You exhale your experience of it.