Seiichi Sano has just been honored by Guinness World Records as the oldest male to surf.
Dozens more passengers quarantined on The Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan tested positive for the deadly coronavirus.
A Princess Cruises ship will be under quarantine for 14 days after Japanese health officials found 10 people aboard who tested positive for the coronavirus.
Visitors to Yokohama's Unko Museum go home with a crappy souvenir: brightly-colored fake poop.
"An outsider will be surprised by how modern life and history are mixed in Tokyo, Kamakura, and Yokohama. It's best to appreciate it by just walking and observing."
Japan is teeming with exceptionally hard-working, bright and articulate women who could be Japan's leading indicators of success.
Why bother making your own vegan cheese when you can buy it? "I don't want to put down any other cheeses, but you get this artificial chemical flavor in your mouth," says the "Vegan Mashup" star. "I don't consider that food. I'm all about real food."