yom hashoah

The Jewish holiday cycle is not just a series of individual holy days and festivals. Holidays are linked to one another to
This week, Donald Trump cemented his place as Republican presidential nominee. More than any other year, I'm cognizant today of my responsibility to speak up against the hatred that Donald Trump espouses day after day.
Time is a funny thing, because no matter how hard you try to beat it at its own game, there it is staring at us in the face
My friend's grandfather survived the Holocaust, came to America and became a hairbrush maker. And woven into the bristles of every brush he made, using the brush fibers, he spelled out the Hebrew word "n'kmati -- my revenge." Every brush he made was an act of defiance against the Nazis.
Lev Raphael is the author of 25 books in genres from memoir to mystery and you can find them on Amazon, including the German
I've been waiting to see Son of Saul for a long time now. It had a limited release in the United States, and because of this, it never came to a theatre in my little town on the prairie. So when it was released on DVD a few days ago, I had it shipped overnight to my house.
That absence of Jewish power, however, had been true for 2,000 years. During that time Jews were accused repeatedly of influencing
In 1959, the young Lebovic family immigrated to the U.S., settling in the Bronx, NY, where they raised their children and
It is now possible to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel in a sensitive, serious and substantive way, with serious reflection and personal memorializing, without all the triumphant nationalist fanfare that has gone along with it for so many decades.