Yom Hazikaron

The Jewish holiday cycle is not just a series of individual holy days and festivals. Holidays are linked to one another to
May the memory of those who died in service to our country be a blessing and may we be inspired by those who serve to bring justice, wholeness, and peace to a broken world and all of its inhabitants.
At moments like this, we like to see the helpers. It is affirming and heart-warming to see the altruism of others and to see how individuals and communities stand together. We must not forget the positives, even as we face tragedy.
These very different "shots heard round the world" should both call us to attention and remind us of everything we have to celebrate and be thankful. May those who are bereft be comforted. May those who sustained injuries find a healing of wholeness.
In May of 2000 President Bill Clinton called for a National Moment of Remembrance for 60 seconds at 3PM every Memorial Day. I suggest that all activities cease at this time, cars pull off the road, even on the highways, and people stand at attention.