After much careful observation excessive time spent obsessing over Beyonce, we've realized that our queen spends most her
A mashup of Beyonce walking fiercely in her music videos.
Meet Charlize Glass. The fierceness and disciplined energy this little girl brings to this dance routine choreographed by
Along with the rest of the world, we freaked out when Beyonce released her new album, complete with 17 30-second video previews
Among the topics addressed as fans ate popcorn from "Beyoncé" bags and drank sodas and huckleberry juice: motherhood, why
It is its specificity of purpose -- lyrically, sonically and artistically mining what it means to be Beyonce -- that makes BEYONCE such stirring success. The disciplined commitment to following her own muse coupled with her mammoth natural talents mark her as the most important mainstream pop artist working today.