Here's another reason to microchip your pets.
Sometimes, when you need a pick-me-up, there's nothing better than petting an adorable dog. But who knew that the role reversal
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Paws up, all around. Talk about wise beyond her years. Even though this adorable Yorkie, Misa Minnie, is only 1 and a half
New York
People stop and stare and hold their babbling babies up to the wrought-iron railing. It's not every day you see a koi pond on Ditmars Boulevard. Or a garden that looks as though it outgrew Architectural Digest.
Yorkshires typically aren't known for their size and strength. But this is not your typical Yorkshire. In what must've been
After the war, the pair traveled the country, visiting Hollywood and performing on local television shows. YANK Down Under
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Are they trying to kill us with this video? Talk about cuteness overload, geez! The only thing that could make 5-day-old
My first mistake was taking them to the local pet store "just to learn about different pets." Unless you plan on getting a pet, don't do this.
PETA offers the following tips to determine if a pet should be given as a gift: There's nothing like a live puppy cam to
His name is Pringle. Well, that's the name the rescue folks gave the scrawny Yorkie-mixed breed they'd found dumped on the streets of a neighborhood known for their high kill shelter. He is my first foster dog.
She's a good Christian teen who just happens to look like she could be Lindsay Lohan's mother. He's a smarmy actor I'd never heard of. Wow, I really don't care. And yet, I can't help myself. Tell me more.
Small Business
Name: Elly McGuire (and Schmitty) Company: New Yorkie Location: New York Website: www.schmittysays.com Starting your own
Having adopted very old dogs fifteen years ago, this time I think I would like a younger dog. At any rate, we continue looking
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Olivia met John through mutual friends in Los Angeles years ago. And when Olivia's Irish Setter Scarlett (sadly who has passed