yosemite national park

Michael Grisar is no longer working for Yosemite Hospitality, the park's main concessionaire.
“It’s going to be a different kind of summer," the park's superintendent warned.
There may be as few as 10 of these solitary and nocturnal animals left.
This is about as close as you'll get to the park, which is closed amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The fisher was once hunted nearly to extinction and its populations have been slow to recover.
Heavy winter snows have made working on the road through the High Sierra even more hazardous than usual.
A spokesman for the National Park Service did not comment on whether a lack of staffing impacted how quickly rangers reached the man who fell.
Filth spreads as overused restrooms and trash bins are locked, causing public health concerns.
“Is our life just worth one photo?” Meenakshi Moorthy asked in the months leading up to the couple's fall, which reportedly happened during a selfie.