you lie

His constituents haven't forgotten about the infamous moment.
What we've seen in the last few years is the gradual and systematic transformation of the far right's pundit class into the mainstream right's elected class.
"We have no idea who did this," DeRoy told WTOC-TV, but then blamed Democrats. Wilson, who was elected in 2001, made the
WASHINGTON -- Rep. Joe Wilson and challenger Rob Miller raised more than $626,000 combined in the last quarter of 2009, sharply
The GOP has surpassed the Democratic Party online -- just look at its innovative, direct media techniques responding to the president's first State of the Union address.
I acknowledge that a fair debate on health care can be had. But what I have no patience for is the ignorance being injected into our national consciousness, most recently by Sarah Palin.
Were you one of those people who hoped that the spectacle of watching the sitting president heckled would be a one-time thing? Think again, because this kind of misbehavior has proven to be quite lucrative.
Communication -- the ability to connect and manipulate -- is perhaps the most interesting part of politics we can observe, and the most frightening.
We're in a no-kidding crucial situation. Unless someone will stand up and (metaphorically) shout "you lie!" to those who are lying, we may find one day that there is no one left to speak for us.