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The Netflix star is dishing about what could be next for Joe Goldberg in a potential fifth season.
A new Korean romantic comedy and animated family series are also trending on the streaming service.
Joe Goldberg is the one being stalked on the new season of Netflix's psychological thriller series, out Feb. 9.
“For You and Only You: A Joe Goldberg Novel” releases on April 25, 2023.
The actor, who plays sociopathic killer Joe Goldberg on the Netflix series, reads your theories and, yes, laughs at all the memes.
Joe Goldberg has a new home, name and love interest. But he still can't hide from his serial killer past.
We’ve been fed a line that serial killers are evil geniuses whose misdeeds warrant a near-obsessive degree of analysis. The reality is far simpler.
The Lifetime show-turned-Netflix binge is a smart, addictive melodrama full of terrible men.
Also, he's pretty sure that Gossip Girl was a sociopath.