One of the new polls, conducted by Fox News, put the gun group's numbers in the red for the first time in nearly two decades.
The survey polled people living in Britain. Chrissy Teigen said she would "cry of laughter" watching the responders play against the tennis superstar.
Here's what the former president's legacy might mean for 2020.
A slew of new polls show little consensus on the report's findings, but a lot of support for its full release.
Americans' views about White House wrongdoing have changed little since last summer.
"I've been through what she went through," one woman told pollsters.
But most Americans say they haven't changed their minds about his confirmation.
Political views are more of a dividing line than gender.
Americans who try to keep up with politics are split over how stressful that is.
People significantly overestimate the number of African-Americans benefiting from the largest programs.
Views on the Trump/Russia investigation remain sharply drawn along partisan lines.
The former president saw especially broad positive shifts on immigration and the culture of Washington.
A new poll suggests U.S. prosecutors should proceed cautiously following recent Justice Department guidance on marijuana.