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We are a nation founded on laws and justice, where we believe everyone deserves a second chance.
Then, my mind flooded with the 16 years of memories that Eva and I have experienced together. Our friendship had survived
Embed from Getty Images Like a kid before Christmas, I eagerly await the start of November every year. As November marks
As the nation moves forward from the results of the Presidential election, the other day while listening to the news, I was
I like who they are turning out to be. And while I don't attribute their delightfulness entirely to attachment parenting, I do think that being raised with such extravagant love as had a profoundly positive effect on my kids. In my experience, here are some of the long-term benefits of attachment parenting.
in the US today, the real picture of undernutrition is different. In some cases, children who are obese who are malnourished
Opera is a fabulous teaching tool, but I don't identify with the fluffy, fantasy, or historic driven plots of many of the most popular operas. I appreciate it in its many forms, but not in this work.
"You think you can power through and get home, but we know in actuality, that's not going to cut it."
Even if you're in a position to help grown kids financially, I think it's important to be selective and not just write a
Pew Research recently reported that, for the first time in the modern era, more young people (age 18 to 34) are living with their parents than any other living arrangement, including living alone or living with a spouse or partner.
Your 20s are your selfish years and it's a decade where you immerse yourself in everything around you and the world out there. Ensure you are selfish with your time, look after yourself, pay attention to your mental health and love the people who are important to you.
If you're a parent of a middle schooler, consider using this summer as an opportunity to teach a little more financial know
There are many advantages to being young, so cherish them! One day you will be afraid of drinking, forgetful, and stocking up on anti-aging cream while looking back on your younger days with fond memories. Don't forget to live in the moment and take life one day at a time.
Jared and Genevieve represent millions of like-minded youth trying to change the world. All while brilliantly disguised as just another generation (or two) that really couldn't care less.
Yes, all caregivers matter. Yes, caregivers of every age need support and recognition. The young will one day become old. In our fight to raise the profile of caregivers, let us not forget that specialized attention for some does not diminish the importance of all.