young at heart

Being an adult can be tough. The older we get, the more responsibilities keep piling on. Having fun used to be a priority
Turning back the clock is easier than you think.
Age-liars and birthday-deniers... you'd best learn a thing or two from those who are young at heart. People who feel younger
10) "Working with younger people and appreciating their view points!" said Wanda Pollard-Phillips. 4) "HRT. Truth!" said
I was brought up strictly, and told repeatedly not to 'play with your food', but now I'm officially old enough to ignore any advice from my parents, and I have decided that some of these look rather fun. Here's a few to titivate those taste buds and bring out your inner child -- the naughty one.
By meditating on your spirit, you allow for it to live in you without any resistance. Spirit has no limitation, and if we can separate it from our age as its own form of expression, we can be surprised and delighted by its vibrancy, which can appear very young and youthful.
While the young girls hover around their computers and cellphones, posting the day's activities on Facebook and Skyping with friends back home, we older ladies sit on the deck, sipping margaritas looking up at the sky. We know there will be plenty of time later to look at our photos.
What were favorite performances in Young At Heart? In the music videos, I really like the performance of 'I Wanna Be Sedated' by The Ramones--I think that's just really fun.
Check out this segment The Today Show did on the senior stars of a new rock documentary Young At Heart. More about Young