Young Democrats of America

This new document is well worth a read by anyone who cares about the future of the Democratic party.
State party chair Jane Kleeb thinks Democrats need to pay more attention to rural voters.
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Among other comments, Kobach said during the conference that an amnesty program would be a fiscal drain on the United States
Just prior to his retirement as National President of the Young Democrats of America, Rod Snyder -- my amazing brother -- penned a letter in which he came out to the world as a Christian gay man, and on Aug. 13 he was interviewed on MSNBC's The Cycle to discuss his coming out.
There are young LGBT men and women across the country who aspire to careers in public service and need to know that they can achieve success in the political arena. I want to be an example of a leader who succeeds because of my honesty, not in spite of it.
Emily Sussman, Executive Director of Young Democrats of America, was someone who didn't think she could make a big impact. Then she became a critical player in the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell.
In their quest to defeat President Obama and hold a White House Tea Party, Republicans and their corporate allies have a new youth outreach message: Don't Vote.
While no other accounts of direct financial offers have surfaced, both Democratic campaigns have attempted to use the power