young guns

The future of the party is mostly white, mostly male and not particularly young.
Despite his crazy schedule, bass guitarist Simon Mitchell finds time to answer a few of my questions. (Thanks, Simon!) For
  Richard Tisei, who is challenging Democratic Rep. John Tierney in Massachusetts’ 6th Congressional District But no Democratic
Of the latest batch of Young Guns, three have lent their signature, bringing the pledge-signing rate among the Young Guns
As mayor of Highland Village, Texas, she attended a 2009 event hosted by Vice President Joe Biden to celebrate National Hispanic
Although just a freshman, Kinzinger had the backing of the House GOP leadership, whereas Manzullo -- a 10-term veteran -- had
Lawmakers and candidates are also allowed to raise money for super PACs so long as the candidate does not specifically ask
If both parties decide to play fast and loose with the campaign finance system, as the GOP did in 2010, the biggest loser in 2012 won't be just a candidate or a certain party, but the democratic ideals of transparency and accountability.
The National Republican Congressional Committee has put Mike Fallon, GOP candidate in Colorado's Congressional District 1
Millennials, suffering the highest levels of unemployment of any generation, will welcome this approach. It reflects their
WATCH: Think Progress flags this clip from today's "Morning Joe" in which the hosts and panel mercilessly mocked the promotional
The GOP's "Young Guns" are long on platitudes and personality but short on policy details in a new book scheduled for publication
The GOP's 'Young Guns' will "change the face" of the GOP by making no real changes at all!2010-07-16-youngguns.jpg
The book, authored by House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.), Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and
If this is the case, maybe the GOP would be better off not touting this group's bygone youth, and instead settle for calling