Young Jean Lee

But the "Straight White Men" writer says she's "glad that door is open now."
Leave it to Young Jean Lee to get straight to the point, by saying: okay, now what? Straight White Men doesn't give us the answer, but I think it does very important work by challenging us to confront three-dimensional characters that we can't easily dismiss.
I have been walking the streets singing the phrase, "We're Gonna Die!" Trust me, I am not crazy
The June 18 "Stories" performance will include your fellow New Yorkers Steve Buscemi and playwright Young Jean Lee. Can you
The end result? A varied group of plays, ranging from one about a melancholy woman whose love interests turn into almonds
It is not comforting, or deep, but it is true, and it is universal. Whatever you believe happens after life, we are united in our collective forecast of death.
Unlike my early days in New York, I no longer roam the boroughs attending opening after opening, party after party, all night conversations in some random artist loft/apartment/space (the after after party). It sounds great because it was great. It was also more distracting than inspiring.
As a theater maker, how do you generate toe-curling drama, excitement and intrigue for an audience whose hitherto experience of Hamlet is loaded with memories, associations and scrutiny?
Seeing naked female bodies happens a great deal in theatre, but it is often in entirely gratuitous scenes, with flattering lighting, adhering to some sort of fetishized concept of female sensuality.
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