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22. She has told you that you can be "uptight" and that you need to "live on the edge a little." WHATEVER, MOM. 16. Most
Here's my advice to those well-meaning "experienced" moms who just want to shake me when they see me frazzled in the grocery store, not exactly appreciating every moment.
I kissed a girl for the first time when I was 22 years old and fell madly in love. For nine months before, she had been my constant companion, a blind little flounder that swam and bubbled under my skin. She was warm and wet and growing every day; I was terrified.
Someone thinking your mother is your girlfriend might be bad, but I told him to look on the bright side. Someone thought he looked old enough to live on his own.
First, she's curious about my tattoo, which is understandable. What will she ask about next? My credit score? How many boyfriends I've had? My current weight?
To get a better understanding of that plight, HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd spoke with Kimberly Archie, who was married at 18
The good news is that services provided by organizations such as Crittenton can help people turn their lives around and interrupt the cycle of parents passing on their high ACE scores to their children.
Some alarming data from a recent pilot study of Crittenton clients show that, compared with a general population, teen and young mothers suffer up to seven times the levels of child abuse and other maltreatment. This explains why they become addicted, pregnant or drop out of school.