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young parents

The dreaded early wake ups - the mornings where your sweet-faced, vivacious little one wake up at 4:30 or 5:00 AM happily
From one young father of color to another, I know that times are tough. Once again racist anti-immigrant rhetoric has become
More time to yourself - How could that be? Don't kids take up all of your spare time? You are, of course, correct. I'm speaking
Villegas's fame will help her with many of these basic necessities, but she is sure to experience some of the judgment I experienced for her decision to become a young parent. I hope she knows how important it is that she push back on this stigma.
Kiersten and Jadan are in their 20s, engaged and have a baby on the way, but Kirsten's mom, Karen, says she's terrified because
Any first-time parent knows that the challenges of parenthood are daunting. New parents are simultaneously blessed and stressed. However, young parents are a vulnerable population in America.
The year was 2007, and Kristin and Matt had been married for only a year and a half when the couple decided to take the leap
"One thing that a lot of people don't know is that teen moms have the highest rate of postpartum depression because of all
Latinos in the U.S. have important health care needs that we must make visible, and in April we have the perfect opportunity. This month, let's look together at the advancements as well as the ongoing reproductive health care needs of Latinos in the U.S.
Our children see more than we think. We can tell them what to do, but they will follow the actions we take.
There are a million reasons to wait until later in life to have kids, but there are arguably just as many reasons to get started young if that's what you want.
It appears to most of the world that in our courts parents can get away with neglect, irresponsible behavior and putting their child in the trunk of a car without any of these actions being labeled as "abuse."