young voters

Unprecedented levels of youth turnout could boost a candidate many young people scorned only a few months ago.
Could the unprecedented number of Americans voting early mean a Democratic surge giving way to a Republican surge on Election Day?
The Democrat is going to win young Black voters big. The question, especially in key swing states, is whether his margins will be big enough.
A new poll of voters aged 18 to 34 finds Biden with a commanding lead, but clear vulnerabilities.
A new report outlines how the former vice president can start winning over Bernie Sanders’ most loyal demographic.
"The Late Show" host's savage impression captured the candidate in bitter Bernie mode.
Youth turnout spiked in the midterms, but party strategists are worried about 2020 enthusiasm.
The GOP is facing a crisis as young voters abandon the party, columnist and TV analyst says.
The major Democratic donor has bet that petting zoos and millions of dollars can solve the party's big turnout problem.
But at least they’re more likely to say everyone should vote than they were during the 2014 midterm elections.