young voters

A new poll of voters aged 18 to 34 finds Biden with a commanding lead, but clear vulnerabilities.
A new report outlines how the former vice president can start winning over Bernie Sanders’ most loyal demographic.
"The Late Show" host's savage impression captured the candidate in bitter Bernie mode.
Youth turnout spiked in the midterms, but party strategists are worried about 2020 enthusiasm.
The GOP is facing a crisis as young voters abandon the party, columnist and TV analyst says.
The major Democratic donor has bet that petting zoos and millions of dollars can solve the party's big turnout problem.
But at least they’re more likely to say everyone should vote than they were during the 2014 midterm elections.
The new buy from the Tom Steyer-backed NextGen America includes the first-ever political ads on Twitch.
I have spent a really long time working to give young voices a platform in the decisions that affect their lives and now I worry that the uncertainty of the future combined with the rhetoric that we keep hearing will do even more to turn off young people from our government.
Democracy requires participation. Not voting is voting for the winner. And those who didn't vote -- along with those who voted for Trump -- decided this year's winner.