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I, Too, Arts Collective aims to raise funds to foster budding young writers.
While the other girls wrote about princesses and high school Queen Bees, Emily* wrote about Harriet Tubman. Her first piece in the week-long creative writing workshop began as an academic essay, but ended up being creative non-fiction.
Hochman hopes the writers attending this year's award ceremony will leave with a deeper sense of their common humanity and
Throughout the past month, I started the process of writing another novel, but during that time I still have been disturbed
I adore my agent. He's one of the wisest and nicest men I've ever met in my life and I trust him completely. Still, I was nonplussed. Why shouldn't my book start with the point of view of a woman in her fifties?
Then Junot Diaz asked me a question: "What could you possibly write that would interest people?" This being a reference to my age, and possibly my closed-off suburban background. I know that it was not meant as an insult, but at the same time, how would he know if my writing could interest people just by looking at me?
In some ways, the recent Twitter phenomenon #FollowATeen, sparked by writer David Thorpe, is also based on a new kind of
This is a teen-written article from our friends at While I watched this whole odd debacle, I realized how incredibly
Despite the overwhelming presence of digital diaries like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr in Gen Y teenage life (71 percent
By Tiffany I’m currently 21 and I’m contemplating pursuing a career in writing. The problem is that I don’t write as much
Sometimes, I learned, journalism isn't just headlines like, "Roadside Bombing in Baghdad" or "Romney wins Illinois." Sometimes journalism is just a conversation between the writer and the reader.
I just sit there, letting the warmth of the tea seep in between my fingers, and think about all the recipes, the stories, I've made and have yet to make.
Readers are always seeking unique stories and writing styles. If your story starts with a first page that leaves the reader wondering what's going to happen next, you mastered the challenge!
Being a writer, you kind of figure that poetry is just spilling out what you feel onto a page, but often the most inspiring words are the most unexpected.
For 365 days, Julie blogged about her experience cooking 524 recipes of Julia Child's. By the end of her flavorful adventure, she had created a true work of art.
As the editors of HuffPost Teen, we can't sing the praises of awesome teen writers enough. We've read enough teen-written
When Chloe came into the room, my mother was so happy that she cried even harder. She said that she’s waited all her life
This new book is not coming easily, and you have a feeling nothing you write ever will. You don’t even really remember writing
Five women are among the six young writers shortlisted for this year's £30,000 University of Wales Dylan Thomas Prize. The