youngest billionaires

Your curiosity must explore and attempt to solve the world in the way it's meant to. And the only people most likely to see the world through a similar lens are those infected with this same disease...the billionaires.
Mark Zuckerberg stunned the world yesterday. Not with the announcement of a baby girl. Everybody knew that was coming. It was an accompanying letter outlining his and his wife Priscilla's plan to donate 99 percent of Facebook stock (valued now at $45 billion) to a foundation.
Here are the 15 youngest billionaires. For the full list, click over to Forbes: There are 1,426 billionaires in the world
Full Segment: This year Forbes has uncovered a record 1,426 billionaires, 200 more than in 2012, worth $5.4 trillion. The average net worth of a Forbes billionaire is $3.8 billion.
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Nothing beats being young and rich. Here are the world's 10 youngest billionaires. They include a former Enron oil trader