You're The Worst

Ahead of the Season 4 premiere, actor Chris Geere explains why Jimmy and Gretchen have to end up together in the end.
You have composer Adam Blau (and creator Stephen Falk) to thank for "New Phone Who Dis?"
For now, fictional and real-life options for women align.
Cash says that's just an exaggerated version of a real-life issue. "When I was dating my husband," she says, "I had to tell
When I am a horrible, no good, very bad person -- to paraphrase "Alexander" of the famed Judith Viorst's classic, I sit and stew. I've written apology notes, sent gifts and flowers and become irksomely repetitive with sorries.
The great new comedies that feature talking animals and endearing narcissists -- and sometimes both.
"I think he fell for her as soon as he saw her at the wedding stealing something."
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The most important television development of the past decade occurred four years ago. What's below is, as you probably gathered
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Why are mainstream romantic-comedy movies so bad? I can't watch them any more. I probably have not seen many in the last
It must have been very hard to cast this show: The two lead characters, played by Aya Cash and Chris Geere, have to exhibit