Yousef Al Otaiba

Yousef Al Otaiba of the United Arab Emirates, a confidante of Jared Kushner, said watching Trump speak was "a waste of my time," emails leaked in 2017 showed.
The hackers are improving their strategies for stealing private emails to sway public actions.
The United Arab Emirates claims the men supported militant Islamists in Libya.
Bad press hits the UAE just as the fall in oil prices is curbing its influence.
History shows that when government gets policy right, it helps an economy grow. Institutions and policies always matter in technological and economic development.
During this summer of fouled marshlands, the issue of Iran has receded quietly into the shadows. Obama might soon find himself longing for the days when his biggest problem was plugging a "damn hole" on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.
Asked if he wanted the U.S. to stop the Iranian nuclear program by force, al-Otaiba said, "Absolutely, absolutely. I think