"Cannes has changed a lot for the good. The promise of it was that it was about pure creativity, so you saw stuff that would
This is a dynamic time for retail. It is fascinating to see new models emerge, and new ways of telling brand stories come to life. In the midst of the retail revolution, Samsung 837 emerges as a brave example of how to do it right.
In Berlin work has begun building a place of worship designed to serve all of the world's three monotheisms: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. When it's complete, it will have three separate wings.
We've got an exclusive sneak peek at the "Young and the Restless" Katherine Chancellor memorial episodes honoring the late Jeanne Cooper. The clip features Cooper's son, Corbin Bernsen, reprising his role as Father Todd Williams to preside over Katherine's funeral. The memorial begins Sept. 3.
Do you subscribe to the notion that nothing that is old is worth knowing and that only the new -- the bright and shiny -- is valuable?
It's time to toss out that dusty marketing rulebook and explore their world. It's definitely one worth exploring as Millennials purchasing power is estimated to be, according to ComScore, $170 billion.