Former general Slobodan Praljak has died after drinking poison in court during his trial for war crimes.
Honeybees are incomparable little creatures. Allow me to tell you why: Honeybees and humans share many things in common: we
Ramush Haradinaj, the former Prime Minister of Kosovo, was arrested in Paris on January 4 under a 11-year old Interpol warrant requested by Serbia. The Government of Serbia demands France extradite Haradinaj to face war crimes charges.
Trump is more dangerous, even if not as clever.
His campaign says neither he nor a surrogate ever had an interview with a Serbian magazine.
After all the noise, threats, doomsday scenarios and cataclysmic prognosis by political pundits and elitists, the only relevant argument in the BREXIT victory is the self-determination by the British people.
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Through African literature, which leads the charge, academic Bill Ashcroft argues for the very "necessity of utopia" in Africa