"After the longest night, we sing up the dawn."
The prehistoric site holds spiritual significance for many Pagans and Druids.
The supplies were abundant, many harvested from the Cemetery's extensive plants and gardens. Milkweed pods, dried field flowers
This holiday season, let us acknowledge our similarities, celebrate our diversity, and encourage each other to look forward to the longer days and the hope of spring to come as well as the hope for a better world.
My neighbors do it right, though. They're the Volvo couple--classy in every way. He's a photographer who just had a show
"My dad can lift me with one hand." The Gospel According to the Stars Let's begin with a question: Can you tell me who is
Paganism and Christianity are tied together by history and tradition, which doesn't have to be a source of conflict.
"Something in us needs to know that at the end of the longest night, there will be light."
If you're thoughtful enough to wish me a Merry Christmas, I won't go out of my way to explain to you why I experience a hidden shiver of annoyance, but I will wish you a Happy Holiday in return.