yulin dog meat festival

A ban on dog meat in Yulin is temporary, but it signals to the world that China can change.
Yes, let us criticize the abhorrent abuse of animals on the other side of our planet. The Yulin dog meat festival should end. But let us not forget that in many ways we live in a glass house, and we need to start cleaning up our own affairs at the same time.
Now, Hasting's H. Res. 752 legislation will hopefully expedite the diminishing of the cruel trade of dog meat across the
The killing of a two-year old boy is a sad tragedy in human eyes of course, but what does a vendetta against alligators accomplish?
Personally, I can't watch the videos, a dog desperately trying to escape a boiling pot of water as his butcher holds him
Because of the sustained pressure, the number of dogs killed for the dog-eating event has dropped approximately 80 percent according to Animals Asia.
We'd be wrong to think the vast majority of the people in these countries participate as suppliers or consumers: dog meat is considered something of a delicacy, and is not a staple food for the poor.
Why stop Yulin dog festival?
For years, I have been entering farming facilities in the dead of night, rescuing a small handful of animals. The scale of the violence endured by these animals (like Yulin's dogs) is hard to believe. And, yet the slaughter of billions of these animals in US food production (unlike Yulin's dogs) barely registers as a public concern.
A Facebook group tirelessly working to stop the event The world is full of cruel, barbaric acts and images -- what with ISIS