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Unlike with Mitt Romney four years ago, the fast-food industry hasn't gotten behind the Republican's candidacy.
Just 100 CEOs have company retirement assets that are equal to the entire retirement account savings of 41 percent of American families. On average, these 100 CEOs' nest eggs are worth more than $49.3 million. That's enough to generate a $277,686 monthly retirement check for the rest of their lives.
Taco Bell opened its first Japanese location in decades on Tuesday -- and the area's residents ate it up. Here's what he
McDonald's just pledged to only buy food and raw materials from around the world that don't contribute to deforestation, a significant contributor to global warming. Given McDonald's reach, that's a potential game-changer.
KFC's parent company, Yum! Brands, which also owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, announced today that by the end of 2017 it will only buy palm oil cooking oil from suppliers that protect tropical forests and peatlands--swampy areas that store even more carbon. That's a big deal.
When we're throwing out such an obscene amount of food (which is, presumably, actual food: broccoli, juice, cheese, and the like) do we really need to be eating coffee cups?
It hasn't always been this way. Back in 1950, CEOs took home about 20 times as much money as their average workers. Take
Yum! is set to open a second Banh Shop location later this month at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. On Friday in
Just because a company has relatively low revenue per employee does not mean it will stop hiring. As long as adding more
These are the companies paying Americans the least: Meanwhile, profits at many of the corporations that employ the most minimum