yves klein

For some people with synesthesia, "banjos taste like Oreos."
Carolee Schneemann, Interior Scroll, 1975. © Carolee Schneemann, © Bildrecht, Wien, 2015. Courtesy of Collezione La Gaia
When the reign of the mystical, chivalrous but, alas, incompetently feudal St. Louis had come to a close in 1290, Philip
There's seemingly nothing to be seen in or on them except for one color (or white or black) and some texture, maybe.
The museum will treat the general public as well, with a free 24-hour opening party of music, performances, film and food, starting on August 9th at 5p.m. and stretching into 5pm the next day.
But what is great about editions and multiples, is that they are meant to be more accessible and fun. These often whimsical objects can lend a breath of creativity to the more functional areas of life -- like kitchenware, rugs, jewelry and furniture.
Today marks the birthday of one of the art world's most debated, yet utterly beloved figures, Yves Klein. Known for his rich
The pricey piece, which was consigned by the Brooklyn Museum and previously displayed in the Gelsenkirchen Opera House in
Artistic genes ran in the family of many iconic artists, although we hardly speak of the artwork of the lesser-known relatives who often provided great influence.
To see the top ten auction lots of the spring season -- which notably includes two works each by Yves Klein and Francis Bacon