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"Instead of splurging on stuff, let's spend our money on progress by boosting black politics."
What to watch, what to skip and what to never speak of again.
“I speak up because others who are coming up cannot speak up."
"The sassy meter maid, the sassy assistant. I'm tired of it, and I want more for our people."
At first, it was very stressful and depressing. I remember Yvette Nicole Brown telling me she was packing up her trailer at one point during Season One because she was convinced we were going to be cancelled.
Fans are freaked about season 6 episode 3, titled, "Thank You." Though my head says Glenn died my heart says otherwise for he's already proven to be a Houdini escape artist. And there's Michonne, who shines.
The season 6 premiere starkly presented how two factions face imminent peril. There's the Alexandrians, who've always been naïve at best, and negligent at worst. And Rick's group, always exigent, and ready to go downtown.
Yvette Nicole Brown from "Community" and "The Odd Couple" is one of the few actresses in Hollywood who chooses not to have a stylist. Instead, the 43-year-old L.A.-based entertainer says she simply sticks with what she knows.
In response to Friday's news that CBS had pulled the plug on "The Arsenio Hall Show" after one season, former "Community
Brown also talked about her dream episode for "Community" Season 5, now that Dan Harmon is back. Sky's the limit ... and
'Community' star Yvette Nicole Brown joins Mike to discuss how Abed will cope without Troy in the upcoming season of "Community".
Yvette Nicole Brown talks about her dream episode for season five of "Community" and recalls a time when she almost spilled the beans about a secret on the show.
"Community" has had a rough go of things from the very start, and some say that cast and producer shifts and ratings-hungry
Our favorite greendale study group's senior year has definitely not been all that bad, as exemplified by the exceptional "Herstory of Dance" episode. We saw Britta achieve success against all odds, Abed demonstrate emotional growth and Jeff get some closure for his daddy issues. Thus, inspired by four years of exceptional "small" mistakes, we bring you our pick of most Britta'd moments. Here's hoping six seasons and a movie will come about to embody the latter definition of Britta-ing.
At "Community's" Los Angeles PaleyFest panel on March 5, the cast and producers of the NBC comedy were on hand to preview
Are you excited for the return of "Community"? While the Greendale Seven have been too long from our screens (and will be