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Zac Efron is speaking out about his stint in rehab last year, admitting he "couldn't be happier." Reports of Efron's stay
As for Jordan, he admitted, "No. No. Maybe ... but a little less," while Teller was eager to say, "Yes." Glamour also questioned
Although, we have to admit -- those Toms were totally working on him. The hat, the sunglasses, the pants. Triple whammy. How
Additionally, here are a bunch of other photos of Zac Efron being really, really good looking. Here he is at some Colts game
Zac Efron flashed his famous smile at the Indianapolis Colts game on Sunday, just a month after breaking his jaw and having
Zac Efron may have broken his jaw earlier this month, but the injury hasn't affected his good looks!
Zac Efron may have broken his jaw earlier this month, but the injury hasn't affected his good looks! In these exclusive pictures
This is not the first rough life event Efron has suffered since his glory days of musical numbers and Vanessa Hudgens. He
"He’s such a great actor. He’s such a down-to-earth guy and he’s really got all the tools in the toolbox," Quaid said of
Efron was just nominated for a People's Choice Award for best dramatic actor for his role in "The Lucky One." Zac Efron was
Zac Efron shows off his gorgeous smile as he leaves the Lakers game at the Staples Center on Tuesday (Nov. 13) in Los Angeles
As if we needed any other reminder that Zac Efron is a man's man. After showing us how to unhook a bra in a single flick
Talk about keeping your eyes on the prize! Over the years, some of Hollywood's best-looking men have have fallen victim to
We would decry the wearing of shearling in April... but when we think about it, we'd rather decry the wearing of shearling
Luckily, we forgive you. As always. Zac Efron is a total charmer, from his good looks (we won't make you admit it, but you
"So do you like 'High School Musical?'" I'm kidding! If the situation's right, buy someone a drink. Think on your toes, use
To prepare for his part in "The Lucky One," Efron met with real-life Marines. “They were my age. 23, 24, even younger," he
It looks like Ryan Gosling isn't the only Hollywood hunk turning airports into fashion runways. Read more on
Zac Efron gives the hang loose symbol as he poses with his clothes to donate to charity for the Children’s Resource Network
Happy Birthday, Zac Efron! The former Disney star turns 24 Tuesday, and boy has he really come a long way since his "High