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A hilarious video makes a crucial point about inaccessibility.
But in the final moments of the conversation with The Huffington Post, he returned to the time in the video when he found
Our favorite lovable, optimistic, fearless and absolutely hilarious YouTube star in a wheelchair, Zach Anner, is back with
The brand new, first ever Reddit-powered show, "Riding Shotgun," follows funny man Zach on a wild tour around America, as he hangs out with Redditors and experiences their perfect days in their respective cities.
“[Reddit users] weren’t able to be included in the making, which I felt was really important," he told Mashable's Christine
When Oprah Winfrey started her OWN network, she brought along her usual crew of experts to fill the line-up, but she also
The Oprah Winfrey Network said it will investigate the controversy. Rumors started swirling Tuesday that Oprah was rigging
Anner on ABC: Anner has achieved a degree of local celebrity in his hometown of Austin, TX. While a student at the university