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The fact that those on the right assume that any attack on a person of color is racist is in itself racist: It looks no further than the color of his skin. When I look at Bobby Jindal the first thing I think of isn't his color. It's the way he ignores what he learned to earn his degree in biology from Brown to pander to the creationist, homophobes he hopes will vote for him.
Those in favor of keeping the law say it's part of the state’s history. An effort by some legislators last May to get rid
Kopplin thinks that Responsive Ed lessons outwardly challenge evolution in a way that is unconstitutional. “What I found
In any given year, the biggest buzz coming out of the annual national Botany conference is normally among the botanists ourselves. This year, however, we've been painted as either the heroic defenders of evolutionary biology or the attackers of Louisiana's right to worship freely.
Organizers, including Sundberg and Professor Joseph Armstrong, invited Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal last month to attend the
Zack Kopplin is a 19-year-old scientist fighting to repeal Louisiana's Science Education Act and other academics are taking on the fight with him. But is it really harmful to teach kids creationism? Why should we implement laws to address this?
A controversial Louisiana law allowing public schools to teach creationism in science classes is again being targeted for
Some troublemakers deserve our praise, or so the thinking at the television show "Moyers & Company" goes. Earlier this month
From the time he was a high school senior in his home state of Louisiana, anti-creationism activist Zack Kopplin has been
It's not only kids who can be hilarious when they speak what they believe is the truth. And it's not only kids whose utterances can portray a deeper meaning than they ever intended.