Zack Morris

Saniyya Sidney told her “The Passage” co-star, who rose to fame on “Saved by the Bell,” that she only knows one "Zac" — Efron.
#3 - Candy-Colored Walls: I've never seen anything like this before; it's like the art from the opening credits came to life
6. Gramophone for the iPhone For the Victorian era fan, there is now a Gramophone speaker for your iPhone. No electricity
Saved by the Bell taught me absolutely nothing about gender transition, but co-creating and producing Bayside! The Musical! has taught me to take big leaps of faith, learn from my mistakes, and believe in myself -- all the tools I needed to come out as transgender several months ago.
Even though it's been nearly 20 years since he last played Zack Morris, Gosselaar seemed pretty in-tune with how the characters
CollegeHumor's Favorite Funny Videos Whenever something romantic happened on the show -- or whenever Zack Morris (Mark-Paul
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5. "Mama" & "Pig" (via bbrainz on Tumblr) 15. "Stop The Drilling, Stop The Oil" (R.I.P. Becky) 10. "There's No Hope With
"We are all really excited for the arrival of our new addition. We've always wanted a big family," Gosselaar said. "The kids
J-14, Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, BOP. If you were a pre-teen girl in the ‘90s, you probably recognize the names of these teeny
Back in the early 90s, "Saved By the Bell" dreamboat Zack Morris was one of the first TV characters to use a cell phone, and
Follow HuffPo Entertainment On Twitter! Zack Morris himself made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Monday night