Leading 9/11 advocate John Feal explained how much Jon Stewart meant to him and his fellow responders.
Lawmakers have agreed to earmark $8 billion in this year's measure to keep the government open.
Clinton helped write the first 9/11 health bills in the Senate when she represented New York.
Sources say the Energy and Commerce Committee is mistakenly cutting the bill and almost left off the name.
NYPD Commissioner William Bratton slammed Congress' problems passing 9/11 legislation as the "ultimate irony" at a time when the nation is increasingly fearful of terrorism.
Jon Stewart came down to Capitol Hill to persuade lawmakers to create a permanent health care bill to support September 11 first responders. Here's what you didn't see on The Daily Show.
It was almost too much for Jon Stewart when Ray Pfeifer, a cancer-stricken firefighter, showed him the remembrance cards of friends killed on 9/11 and since.
Sept. 11 responders angry that Mitch McConnell blocked a chance to pass a 9/11 bill crashed his office.
Sen. Orrin Hatch said he'd be open to paying for the measure by closing a tax loophole on foreign insurance companies.
Ray Pfeifer was having a tough time lobbying Congress for a 9/11 bill because of his cancer. So the widow of another 9/11 responder gave him her late husband's
OSHA and every other federal and state agency involved in recovering from Hurricane Sandy need to enforce our workplace safety rules vigorously for those men and women doing the dirty and dangerous job of getting New York back in order.
A spokesman for Ryan, Brendan Buck, insisted that Ryan supports 9/11 responders and pointed to the congressman's votes soon
Previously health officials cited a lack of scientific evidence to support a link between cancer and the toxic dust unleashed
For thousands of workers, this anniversary of 9/11 is an especially deep measure of loss -- not just the immediate loss of life, but years of lost opportunities to make still-neglected victims whole.