zanele muholi

As June comes to a close, and the pain of the Orlando shooting still remains, a group of visual artists reflect on what Pride really means.
South Africa is celebrated for having one of the most advanced constitutions in the world. It is often cited for its inclusion of protections on the basis of sexual orientation.
A compelling new exhibit has hit the Ryerson Image Centre that addresses representation of queer, black female identity and
"What does an African lesbian look like?" Muholi asks in a statement for the series. "Is there a lesbian aesthetic or do
A lot has happened in the past 48 hours in Venice. On Wednesday, the Berlin-based artist known as Peaches performed to a
“The message that I wanted to share with the people is that you can’t change the laws without changing the image," she told
In the meantime, and just in case my suspicions about the motive for the theft of Muholi's files are wrong, next time you